Strategic Workforce Development

Actively develop your organization as the organization actively develops your products.

This idea directly shows the importance of strategy, tactical and execution for workforce planning as well as product planning. Workforce and products need to follow a common roadmap. If there are products on the roadmap and the organization has not the right skills and the right knowledge to develop or build is, our product roadmap is ist wishful thinking. Having cool talented and skilled developer for a technology that is not on the technical roadmap of the organization will generate a lot of innovation of little to no value to the organization as it will not end up in the product portfolio that will bring us to our future portfolio. The same applies for skills and competencies in indirect positions as well as infrastructure. Just following with the skills and knowledge behind the needs of the product roadmap is just fixing gaps that are already there.

We can become nimble, proactive and adaptive by a simple alignment of the People Portfolio with the Product Portfolio. Build a Product Portfolio based on Situational Awareness and the Identity of the organization. Align this Product Portfolio with the Workforce Portfolio target at all three horizons: Execution, Tactics and Strategy. Finally we get to something that can be called Portfolio Management Squared.