Flexible or Adaptive?

Are you flexible or are you adaptive? What should you be? I do not know, but I prefer adaptive.

What is the difference anyway? If you are flexible, you are like the flag in the wind. Just moved and shuffled around. You take the path of least resistance. That is a way to survive.

Being adaptive means being like a sail on the boat. You have a target to reach. You can see it. The wind is blowing, you set the sail. Off you go. Now the wind changes direction. Well, you do not need to do anything. You probably still make progress towards the target. If you however adjust the position of the sail to adapt to the changed environment, you may actually go faster than before. You may also go slower towards the objective, it just depend on how the wind changes. Whatever happens, by adapting you can realize the fastest possible pace. More important: you have everything under control. You are the captain and not the passenger.

Essentially these are two ways to deal with change and fight for survival. The more reactive way and the way try to be ahead of the challenge and drive the change. Being in the drivers seat allows to control and steer things.

I do not know how you envision yourself. I prefer to be the captain of the boat.