Wardley Mapping

Wardley mapping is a visual method for exploring, understanding, and communicating strategy under circumstances of constant change.   What is your competitive environment? Where should

Examples of distributed leadership

Haier – Over the past 20+ years, Haier has transformed itself from a traditional, centralized Chinese state-owned enterprise to a cellular platform company Story:

Fit for Purpose

If a primary role of the “organization” is to implement strategy, then a key question for management is the extent to which the organization is

The common cause

A common cause is a basic idea that “animates” the organization. We borrowed this idea from Simon Sinek’s “the good cause”. It is another developed

Discover, Disrupt, Deliver

Agile methodologies offer a rich set of practices to shorten the feedback cycle. Scrum provides a proven framework for teams to achieve consistent, effective delivery

Economic objective

It’s a commonplace: every business needs to make adequate money to run a viable business long-term. However, money in itself is not a goal –

Increased learning

Both operational excellence and disruption of existing activities require a continuous effort of augmented learning and a systemic view. This must be supported by a

Values and principles

Transformations that start with a clearly articulated purpose and then adopt a common set of principles and values are more likely to succeed than those