Strategy Implementation

Bureaucratic Mass Index

Gary Hamel and Daniele Zanini have published a self-test in connection with their book “Humanocracy”: to Bureacratic Mass Index . Excerpt Approximately how many organizational

OKRs – Objectives and Key Results

OKRs(objectives and key results) are a leadership model to focus attention on the right issues, leverage effort and drive a shift from tasks to objectives.

Transformation and implementation

We describe here some tools used for communication and finally for implementation. What they have in common is that cooperative work and implementation as conversation

Operation Model

What belongs to the Operation Model The organizational model typically includes Organizational model: how the activities in the value chain and supporting functions are interconnected.

Management Model

What is a management model A management model is the decision of a company’s top executives on how to define goals, motivate efforts, coordinate activities,

Strategy Implementation

The elements of implementation are another critical step in the concretization and eventual deployment of the strategy. A management model is the way we do