The path to becoming an Agile Leader

The path to becoming an Agile Leader

What is the challenge

What are the tasks of a leader and what do I have to bring along to master them?

Understand the situation

In order to react appropriately, I have to assess the situation correctly. This is true at every level: for me, in the context of a team, a product development, and a company strategy.

Develop and maintain the vision

Without a clear goal, I can’t build enthusiasm, I can’t carry anyone along, and I can’t make consistent progress.

Trust the people

Without trust, human relationships are neither effective nor enjoyable.

How to build trusting relationships and develop high performing and collaborative teams.

Be authentic

As a leader, I must send consistent signals to be authentic and credible.

How do I figure out what factors are driving me and what impression I’m creating.

Create a safe environment

Stress and tension block creativity and cooperative behavior.

How do I create an environment where people are safe and can work and collaborate productively.

Become a catalyst

I don’t need to become a superhero. On the contrary, my most important and effective task is to develop the skills of my employees.

What attitude and tools help me do this and how do I assess my progress.

Goal-oriented and respectful conversations

Conversation, if you will, is the most important core process in any organization. Discussions on an equal footing form a common basis for concerted action and active cooperation.

What is the experience of an effective conversation.

Leadership and culture

What is my impact as a leader in the long run.

What are effects, what are my options for intervention – and what is unlikely to work.

Organize and use feedback

Effective feedback is the key to a goal-oriented and effective work in general.

What techniques are there for gathering feedback in a group and using it to effectively guide the way forward.