The GOOD or sense making cycle

  • The Game – Understanding and formulating the general situation – situational awareness.
  • Landscape – Observe the climatic patterns, i.e. the elements of the situation which you cannot (easily) change.
  • Actions – Select the action patterns (doctrines, heuristics) to apply.
  • Decide – select the right direction

The Leadership cycle

  • Focus – communication about framework conditions and specifications. Give direction.
  • Align – Ensure there is agreement on objectives – when I delegate, does what I expect happen?
  • Enable – Ensure that all necessary skills and information are available to the people and capabilities are available to the team.
  • Empower – Delegating and giving responsibility is the reflection of autonomy.

Connect the two circles

  • Act – Transfer into the FAEE Cycle
  • Learn – Transfer learnings back from the FAEE Cycle