Story Line

The Mission

The site describes our view of the needs and mechanics of creating an adaptive organization.

It relies on insight of practitioners of enterprises including DAX30 companies.

The techniques include principles of Lean and Agility, but are not restricted to specific methods or frameworks.

Key levers for Growing the Adaptive Organization

The harmonic orchestration of Product Portfolio Management, Strategic Workforce Development and the Transformation of the System will lead us to an Adaptive and thus resilient Organization. Quick start.

Starting with a Map

Why starting wit a map? a map supports a variety of viewpoints and leaves the path of adoption open

  • I can start where I need to start
  • you can start where you need to start.
  • I can orient myself on the map.
  • My perception of reality is different than yours

At the same time, a map supports my situational awareness by giving orientation and security:
If I only focus on my topics, I may oversee what else might be of relevance.
When I have a map, I can understand the situation and maintain a reference frame.

What we deliver

A map provides orientation and security:

  • All known important questions of the transformation will be touched.
  • Even when we discover new things, territory is never completely uncharted.
  • I can start my journey anywhere and the map still provides a reference frame.
  • I can find my own position and decide if I start small or large.
  • The map captures and preserves the status of knowledge.
  • The map will adapt and will grow.