Organize for Human Beings

About motivation

One of the most striking statements on motivation is Daniel Pink’s Youtube video on the three most important factors of motivation:

  • Autonomy
  • Mastery (mastery of the subject)
  • Purpose

What belongs to a good working environment

Translated for the company side, this translates into some necessary conditions for employees to also be motivated, engaged and effective:

Environment for trust and respect

In order for trust and respect to develop, it needs

  • a safe environment in which to operate without fear
  • trustworthy and authentic leaders who guarantee a large part of this safe environment

Decentralised decisions

An environment where autonomy and responsibility can emerge needs decentralized decision-making authority.

Use diversity

Diversity helps to adapt to new developments. A diversity of perspectives creates the expertise to deliver better problem solving, and more flexible work, in diverse work groups.

What else

This is a selection of factors – we find these central to an organisation. Other factors – some of which are almost synonymous with ours above are

  • Meritocracy – the fair recognition of performance
  • Openness – trust without openness is hard to imagine
  • Community – the collective work and goal setting
  • Ownership – the authority over one’s own domain
  • Culture of discipline – the requirement to also justify trust