Values are the root for culture and structures

Vision – Aligned Autonomy.

Knowledge work needs autonomy, getting to results needs alignment on a common goal.

A shared vision is the prerequisite for alignment on a common goal. 

Safe Space. Trust. Respect.

People need a safe space to develop trust and respect.

Curiosity. Transparency. Improvement.

Agile work demands the motivated and active contribution of everybody. Without curiosity there will be no discoveries. Without transparency, the new ideas cannot effectively become shared knowledge.

Excellence – Knowledge. Skill. Aim.

Success needs the constant quest for excellence. It is based on knowledge, skill and aim.

Leadership – Focus. Align. Enable. Empower.

Leading people towards success and personal fulfilment needs

  • Focus: giving a direction and priorities
  • Alignment: matching personal and general goals
  • Enablement: make sure they have the prerequisites, the capabilities and capacities to success
  • Empowerment: the autonomy to act towards the common goal